Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants administered through an IV drip system allows the body to absorb 100% of their benefits. Compared to only 30% if vitamins are taken orally. Studies have shown IV drips and boosts of vitamins reduce symptoms of a cold, depression, anxiety and even menstrual cramps. Additional benefits include but not limited to, relief of hangover symptoms, jetlag and fatigue. Finally, IV drips enhance your physical appearance by adding more glow to your natural beauty and shortens the time for your muscles to recover after workouts.

When vitamins and minerals are taken orally, much of the nutrients will never reach its full potential, due to our GI tract. When nutrients are given intravenously (through the vein), they bypass the digestive system, skipping the GI breakdown, making the bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals essentially 100%. Therefore, you experience a sense of euphoria, due to the blast of essential vitamins and minerals entering directly into your bloodstream and maximizing the benefits.



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The original drip. Restores deficiencies, combats allergies,
Restores balance, supports overall wellness, alleviate allergies, fatigue and more.

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This hangover relief includes a large bag of electrolytes with minerals to help you feel hydrated and refreshed.



An anti-aging formula created to enhance beauty. Glutathione is highly recommended as an add-on.

Immunity Support



High doses of minerals will strengthen your immunity and support whole body wellness.




Formulated using a large bag of electrolytes, high does of vitamin c and minerals helping you combat illness.




This drip is formulated to help reduce inches in the waist complementing a healthy diet.




Power up! This drip revs up energy and supports
muscle recovery taking your workout to another level.




It starts from within. This natural and powerful drip
alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression
and brightens mood.



This popular booster increases energy

and metabolism, burns fat and is vital for neurological function.



A mix of essential B vitamins and amino acids allowing the

body to burn fat and produce energy while supporting the immune system. The

B-vitamins promote healthy nerve cells and cuts muscle recovery time.


The mother of all antioxidants! It restores your body at a cellular level and

detoxifies the kidney and liver. This gem holds anti-aging effects, allowing your

body to feel young, skin to glow and shine from within.


A gym junkies fave! Improves fat metabolism and supports muscle growth.

  Promotes mental function, better mood, increasing energy, and less fatigue. This

blend opens up blood flow and overall leads to noticeable increase in vitality.

Vitamin C

This powerhouse lightens up your immune system. It has anti-inflammatory

functions, boosts collagen for firmer skin and repairs damaged tissue.


1 drip per month and choice of shot

(15% savings)


2 drips per month and choice of shot

(30% savings)


(4) B-12 shots

($40 savings)

          SoulDrip Wellness believes the quest for optimal health and wellness should be simple and convenient and shouldn’t disturb your current lifestyle. With concierge service, in the comfort of your own home or at your workplace, we provide a natural approach to personalized wellness to maximize your life with new found energy, sense of peace and feeling brighter and lighter.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Brook W. Gebeyehu, is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with over 35 years of experience in Medicine. Prior to practicing anesthesia, Dr. Brook was a general practitioner and a Master of Public Health in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and worked with the World Health Organization in Somalia. Once completing his anesthesia residency in 2004, he sought after education and was a professor of anesthesiology at Howard University Hospital, in Washington D.C. As a current member of The American Society of Anesthesiology and The Virginia Society of Anesthesiology, Dr. Brook continues to pave the way as an Attending Anesthesiologist at Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital. On his spare time, Dr. Brook participates in mission trips to Ethiopia, together with Seattle Anesthesia Group, to help improve the anesthesia residency training at several hospitals in the nations capital, Addis Ababa. SoulDrip Wellness is proud to be a physician directed-practice with an outstanding professional and we seek the best to deliver the best.


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